Deborah of the Good News Bible Kids

Deborah is a sweet young lady with the special ability to make wise choices. She makes friends easily and likes to play outdoors. She loves to run and is one of the fastest girls in her neighborhood.

Like Deborah in the Old Testament, this Deborah thinks about what she can do rather than worry about the things she cannot do.

She is learning how to become responsible and has certain chores to do around her house. She has a younger brother, named Joel and a dog named Sparky.

Deborah has a friend named Elizabeth. They have started a club called the Good News Bible Kids.

Deborah of the Bible

The story of Deborah is found in Judges chapters 4 and 5 in the Old Testament.

When we read about Deborah, we learn that she was willing to serve God throughout her life.

When people gave her compliments for the things she did, she did not take any of the credit, but gave God all the praise. He honored her unselfishness and she became the only female judge of Israel.

Her personal relationship to the Heavenly Father reminds us that we can do great things in our life if we will trust and obey His Word, the Bible.

Deborah was an outstanding woman in history.

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Elizabeth of the Good News Bible Kids

Elizabeth is a beautiful young girl who is well liked by her friends and neighbors. She has an older sister named Rachel.

Elizabeth wants to do many of the things that her sister does, but her Mom lovingly tells her she must wait until she is older before she is allowed the same privileges as Rachel. This is difficult for Elizabeth to accept. She believes she can handle those kinds of responsibilities. She does not always like being the youngest child.

One day she will be able to do many of the same things her sister does and she looks forward to that day. She knows for now she must work every day to develop patience.

Elizabeth has a friend named Deborah. They have started a club called the Good News Bible Kids.

Elizabeth of the Bible

The story of Elizabeth is found in Luke chapter 1 verses 5 – 80.

Elizabeth was the cousin of Mary, the mother of Jesus. God allowed Elizabeth to give birth to a baby named John, even though she was very old. John grew up and was called John the Baptist. He was the messenger who prepared the hearts and minds of the people for the coming of Jesus the Messiah.

God has a plan for each of our lives. He knows our every want and need. Elizabeth wanted a child and she patiently waited for God to bless her. She believed in God with all her heart and had no doubts in God’s ability to give her what He had promised.

Her personal relationship to the Heavenly Father reminds us that God will show us His plan for our own lives when we totally trust Him and wait for His timing. He always knows what is best for us.

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Stephen of the Good News Bible Kids

Stephen is a good friend to all, even to those children who aren’t very popular. He sticks up for them and does not let others tease them. He insists that all of their games be played fairly, even when it is not a popular thing to do. He loves to play basketball and looks up to his older brother Isaac who is a star on the high school team.

Sometimes kids tease Stephen. He is a good student, but he has trouble when his teacher asks him to read aloud in class. He prays that he can be like his namesake in the New Testament and not be afraid to speak in public.

Stephen knows that to do his very best in school, in sports, or with his friends that it takes work and commitment and that is not always easy. He prays that God will guide him in everything he does.

He has joined a club of children called Good News Bible Kids.

Stephen of the Bible

The story of Stephen is found in Acts chapter 6 verse 3 through chapter 8 verse 2.

When we read about Stephen, we learn he was among the first Christians to feed the hungry and help the poor. He collected bread from other Christians and gave it to those who were in need according to the wishes of the church.

Stephen was a powerful speaker and spoke the truth about Jesus even when it upset others. This quality even led to Stephen’s death. Many people were so angry with Stephen when he reminded them of their part in betraying Jesus, the Son of God, that they had him arrested. They dragged him outside the city and threw rocks at him.

As he was dying, he asked God to forgive the people who were doing this terrible thing to him.

Stephen’s personal relationship with God, the Heavenly Father, reminds us that even in the face of danger, we must always stand up for Jesus and tell the truth.


David of the Good News Bible Kids

Our David is active and lively like his namesake. He loves to play outdoor games. Sometimes his zest for life gets him into trouble. He can play too rough. He sometimes lets his temper get out of control. Many times he acts before he thinks, and winds up doing something foolish. However, David does not hold onto his anger and he is quick to say he is sorry. He truly feels badly when he makes mistakes.

Do you know something else? God chose our David too. He called David to be a king. In the Bible we read we are made royalty through Jesus Christ. Royalty means being Kings and Queens and we are going to inherit a kingdom. Not because we are perfect and never make mistakes, but simply because God chose us and has given us His Grace!

David is an only child, but he has many friends. He has two cats, Paws and Tom, and a turtle named Goliath. David just joined a new club. They call themselves the Good News Bible Kids.

David of the Bible

We learn about David in 1st Samuel chapter 16. David became the king of Israel, but no one would have believed that before it happened. He did not come from an important family. He was the youngest and smallest of his six brothers. His job was but a shepherd. No one expected a shepherd to be a leader.

However, God chose David. With God, David did amazing things. David was brave. He fought off wolves and young lions to protect his flock of sheep. Later, he was the only one who volunteered to fight a giant named Goliath. David was also very talented. He played a harp and he sang. He wrote many songs. God did not choose David because he was perfect. David was lively and active with a zest for life. This made him a great leader, but sometimes it got him into trouble. He made many mistakes and a few were terrible in God’s eyes. Yet he was quick to confess his sins and put his trust in God. God never gave up on David. God blessed him and made him a blessing to the people.