Meet your new Faith Friends Dolls…
The Bible Kids!

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Your Faith Friends Dolls teach Bible verses in song and more!

As your child plays and sings along with her Faith Friends Doll, she will be committing to memory God’s Holy Word. The Bible is the only book that has the power to transform our hearts. Scripture memory offers her access to the very Words of God in her daily life and during those challenging moments to come. Her Faith Friends Doll will help to have God’s word hidden in her heart for today and throughout her life. Memorizing scripture helps us to remember God’s promises and to overcome sin.

The Faith Friends Dolls make it fun for the entire family to learn God’s Word! Also, it can be a great teaching time to discuss the verses and how to apply them to life’s situations.

The Faith Friends Dolls – Bible Kids Collection

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The beautiful Faith Friends Dolls – Bible Kids offers 18” high-quality vinyl dolls. They teach:

  • 15 Bible Verses in Song (Songs include scripture reference.)
  • Books of the New Testament in Song
  • The Lord’s Prayer

The beautiful dolls come with a “Verses” booklet and a hang tag that explains each namesake in the Bible and where their story can be found. Also personal information is provided about each doll and how they are trying to be more like their namesake. Educators agree that memorization is greatly enhanced when information is committed to music.


Mark Looy, Co-Founder of AiG (Creation Museum, Ark Encounter)
The dolls are high quality, very very creative, good job!