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Our David is active and lively like his namesake. He loves to play outdoor games. Sometimes his zest for life gets him into trouble. He can play too rough. He sometimes lets his temper get out of control. Many times he acts before he thinks, and winds up doing something foolish. However, David does not hold onto his anger and he is quick to say he is sorry. He truly feels badly when he makes mistakes.

Do you know something else? God chose our David too. He called David to be a king. In the Bible we read we are made royalty through Jesus Christ. Royalty means being Kings and Queens and we are going to inherit a kingdom. Not because we are perfect and never make mistakes, but simply because God chose us and has given us His Grace!

David is an only child, but he has many friends. He has two cats, Paws and Tom, and a turtle named Goliath. David just joined a new club. They call themselves the Good News Bible Kids.

David of the Bible

We learn about David in 1st Samuel chapter 16. David became the king of Israel, but no one would have believed that before it happened. He did not come from an important family. He was the youngest and smallest of his six brothers. His job was but a shepherd. No one expected a shepherd to be a leader.

However, God chose David. With God, David did amazing things. David was brave. He fought off wolves and young lions to protect his flock of sheep. Later, he was the only one who volunteered to fight a giant named Goliath. David was also very talented. He played a harp and he sang. He wrote many songs. God did not choose David because he was perfect. David was lively and active with a zest for life. This made him a great leader, but sometimes it got him into trouble. He made many mistakes and a few were terrible in God’s eyes. Yet he was quick to confess his sins and put his trust in God. God never gave up on David. God blessed him and made him a blessing to the people.

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