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Deborah is a sweet young lady with the special ability to make wise choices. She makes friends easily and likes to play outdoors. She loves to run and is one of the fastest girls in her neighborhood.

Like Deborah in the Old Testament, this Deborah thinks about what she can do rather than worry about the things she cannot do.

She is learning how to become responsible and has certain chores to do around her house. She has a younger brother, named Joel and a dog named Sparky.

Deborah has a friend named Elizabeth. They have started a club called the Good News Bible Kids.

Deborah of the Bible

The story of Deborah is found in Judges chapters 4 and 5 in the Old Testament.

When we read about Deborah, we learn that she was willing to serve God throughout her life.

When people gave her compliments for the things she did, she did not take any of the credit, but gave God all the praise. He honored her unselfishness and she became the only female judge of Israel.

Her personal relationship to the Heavenly Father reminds us that we can do great things in our life if we will trust and obey His Word, the Bible.

Deborah was an outstanding woman in history.

Additional outfit

This doll has an additional outfit that can be purchased with the doll and the original outfit.

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Doll with original outfit, Doll with original outfit plus an additional outfit


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