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Stephen is a good friend to all, even to those children who aren’t very popular. He sticks up for them and does not let others tease them. He insists that all of their games be played fairly, even when it is not a popular thing to do. He loves to play basketball and looks up to his older brother Isaac who is a star on the high school team.

Sometimes kids tease Stephen. He is a good student, but he has trouble when his teacher asks him to read aloud in class. He prays that he can be like his namesake in the New Testament and not be afraid to speak in public.

Stephen knows that to do his very best in school, in sports, or with his friends that it takes work and commitment and that is not always easy. He prays that God will guide him in everything he does.

He has joined a club of children called Good News Bible Kids.

Stephen of the Bible

The story of Stephen is found in Acts chapter 6 verse 3 through chapter 8 verse 2.

When we read about Stephen, we learn he was among the first Christians to feed the hungry and help the poor. He collected bread from other Christians and gave it to those who were in need according to the wishes of the church.

Stephen was a powerful speaker and spoke the truth about Jesus even when it upset others. This quality even led to Stephen’s death. Many people were so angry with Stephen when he reminded them of their part in betraying Jesus, the Son of God, that they had him arrested. They dragged him outside the city and threw rocks at him.

As he was dying, he asked God to forgive the people who were doing this terrible thing to him.

Stephen’s personal relationship with God, the Heavenly Father, reminds us that even in the face of danger, we must always stand up for Jesus and tell the truth.


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